Little Falls Celebrates 4th Pride Event

As June approaches, communities around the globe prepare to celebrate LGBTQ Pride Month, a time to honor the progress made toward equality and to acknowledge the ongoing struggles faced by the LGBTQ community. In Utica, however, a recent decision has sparked controversy and disappointment among many residents. This year, the Pride flag will not be flown at Utica City Hall, a departure from previous years that has led to a heated debate about inclusivity and representation.

Otsego County Is Becoming a Magnet for Film Locations

Otsego County, with its breathtaking landscapes and rich history, is rapidly becoming a favorite destination for filmmakers. The latest project to set up shop in this picturesque area is “Zombie Apache,” a horror-comedy that promises to bring both thrills and laughs to the big screen. Thanks to the pioneering efforts of Film Otsego, this dynamic organization is transforming Otsego County into a premier filmmaking destination, providing educational opportunities for local youth and stimulating economic growth.